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Saturday, 5 May 2018


Hi I want to welcome my very first guest post. I believe in the severity of this condition and want people to be aware of this situation.

This is a guest post by "anonymous"

When we think of social media, its mostly related to happy thoughts. people showing their happy lives, happy family, their beautiful clothes, etc. What we fail to recognise is that there are much dark, deep places where social media can take you. here is when it gets to be your worst nightmare.

Especially in Pakistan, guys are more desperate to find the company of a woman. This is due to the fact that male and female usually segregated during events etc, hence more difficult to find any woman. This is where social media comes, where they can find the woman that they are interested in and after that trying to get her attention etc. Once they found "the one" that they want, they will find ways to get her and this includes threatening them and harassing them.

Know that you are NOT ALONE. A lot of females are getting so many threats and cyber hassassments doesn't matter if it was on phone,text, Facebook, Instagram, email etc. 


Your first reaction will be to report to FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) in Pakistan. Lodge the complaint IMMEDIATELY when you receive THE FIRST threat. They will take this matter seriously and they are there to help you out. 

There is a proper investigation that they go through to stop that person from threatening you. They can also raid their place and take all their gadgets, hard drive,laptop, phones etc and stop that person from threatening you. 

Rest assured, they are there to help you out so that no threats or cyber bullying will happen to anyone else ever again. 

I just want to help people out because in my case. It went to the ultimate worse situation because we didnt report to FIA immediately and we waited till it got really worse. We didnt give in to the threats and we just dissed the situation.The situation could be prevented if we immediately report to them. but i NEVER want anyone else to fall victim to my situation. Hence the importance of this post.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Recircle Menstrual Cup Review

I have always been on a look out for alternative ways to menstrual pads. We throw out so much waste and to think of it for eg 4 pads change a day= 4 * 7(7days for per cycle per month) * 12(one year) = 336 pads per year * 30 (years,our whole menstrual years) = 10,080 pads,

10,080 PADS for EACH FEMALE in their lifetime!

Look how much WASTE we are producing and where does it all go? To the dump obviously which causes more land pollution to the ALREADY polluted world. 

On my venture to find out the alternative, tampons came into my mind. the thought of putting in this little alien inside my vagina scares me but the stories I read about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) related to tampons scares me more. There are certain rules and regulations to this product not to mention they are chemical based, so you dont know what you are putting in. there are sizes too that you have to think about, the heavier the days, the thicker the tampon and vice versa. COME I have to get different sizes for different days? NO WAY!!

So I stuck to pads for as long as I can remember. Washable pads? Seems like a good idea but it will be too messy and dirty especially if you put it in the washer. 

Comes this REVOLUTIONARY product, 


For some of you, this might be your first time hearing about it. But let me tell you first what this is. 

First lets list the pros and cons of a pad and a menstrual cup


     Þ   10,080 PADS a LIFETIME
     Þ   Disposable                                   
     Þ   Lots of waste produced

     Þ   Lots of costs to buy all the pads

     Þ   Need to replace pads every 3-4 hours.


     Þ   One cup for 10 years
     Þ   Reusable

     Þ   No wastage, as you just flush the blood collected in the cup

     Þ   Rs 2,000 per cup in 10 years

     Þ   Need to clear the cup every 6-12 hours depending on blood flow. 

It is a SILICONE MEDICAL grade product with the shape of a long cup with a tail at the end. They have their uses.. First the material is soft so that you can enter them into your vagina easily. the top of the cup act as a suction to prevent leakage and the tail is to remove the suction once its time to remove them.

Colour selection: 

They have White, Purple, Pink and Blue.

I would suggest you get the one with colors as I have the white one and it stained the cup badly. The pink color I have is not stained.

My thoughts

This product saves me all the hassle of changing pads, I change pads EVERYTIME when I go to pee.  With this cup, you can pee and Do your number two's without changing the cup as it is inside the vagina canal. While on this cup,  I only empty the cup twice. Once when I wake up and another one before sleeping. So I got myself two of these cups; one for using and the other one when the previous one is drying.

The BEST THING about this cup is that I DON'T FEEL that I'm having my periods. NO BLOOD when you pee and NO BLOOD on your panties. I can even go without using panties.

My only discomfort is dumping the blood in the toilet and then washing this cup and of course inserting and removing the cup. but a little discomfort for a lifetime of savings, I really don't mind.

Now if they can find an alternative for diapers for my kids :D

These product is available in Pakistan from Recircle for Rs 2,000 each. They have more detailed information on how to clean them at their website.

I personally rinse them with water and let them dry. Right before changing the cup, I use an alcohol pad to disinfect the cup before using. They do not recommend using soap because it can cause irritation in the vagina.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My personal ethics as a beauty blogger

My ethics might differ from other beauty bloggers, but this is the guideline I follow throughout my blogging journey.

  • Never steal someones work without crediting them. This is the worst thing ever as they put so much effort into their work and other people who stole their work get all the credit.
  • Never fall victim to getting free stuff and writing dishonest review. When I get free products from companies, I tell the truth but when I dont like something, I somehow sweeten the review so that the company will not feel I am bringing them down.
  • support other beauty bloggers by giving them positive comments on their posts but NEVER write a bad review because even one bad comment can bring them down and therefore demotivating them.
  • Admitting to the mistakes I have made and correct them instantly.
  • Never reply back to haters and delete them when its too offensive.
  • Posting only decent pictures according to my audience. (no explicit pictures)
  • writing only things that I personally believe in and not to follow the crowd.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Homeopathy & Herbs A Natural Healing Hair Oil review

Honestly speaking, I never knew the benefits of oiling our hair. I used to wear hijab, so there was not much problem with split ends and hair damage as my hair was covered from sun and environment.

When I moved to Pakistan, I stopped wearing hijab due to some personal reason. As time pass by, my hair became damaged and split ends were inevitable. When I colored my hair, the hair damage became so immense that I needed to do something about it.

Then I realized, my Pakistani maids have very thick and luscious hair and I've seen them oiling their hair every few days. I started reading about benefits of oiling hair and what good it can do. So I asked around a forum on Facebook and they all swear by "Homeopathy & Herbs A Natural Healing Hair Oil". I was immediately sold and bought this oil as soon as possible.

The oil is available in two different quantity, 250ml (Rs600) and 500ml (Rs1200). The packaging is a lightweight plastic bottle so you can take these babies everywhere. The oil has a red color to it due to its hibiscus extract and the smell is almost flowery.

Hair Oil Method To Use: Always Shake well before use, use twice or thrice a week.. Just take the required amount of oil as per your hair length and apply all over your scalp evenly. Massage on to your scalp and on to your hair cover each and every strand properly with finger tips in a light circular motion for 5 minutes and then let it stay for about 1 to 2 hour.

For best results, leave the oil overnight, and follow it up with shampoo next day. 
For more good results once a week u can apply any one of these three:
 1- by mixing oil and yogurt together 
2- by mixing oil and egg yolk together 
3- or u can also apply by mixing oil and aloevera pulp or aloevera gel to the scalp. 
Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off.

I personally like to leave the oil overnight but when I forget to then I mix the oil with yogurt and aloevera gel, leave it for 30 minutes or more then rinse off . I have not tried the oil mix with egg yolk though.

Oil added with yogurt

On to my review:

I have major hairfall after having three kids and whenever I brush my hair, the floor will be full of hair (Thats just how bad my hairfall is). I used to have patches of baldness in my hair as shown in the pic below. I have naturally straight hair but my hair looks frizzy and damaged. I have been using this oil for the past month and a half and i'm half way through the bottle. Its safe to say this helped me in all these problems I've been having.

1)Hairfall (my hair doesnt fall that much anymore and my hair is thicker now)
2) Patch of baldness ( its has grown hair now).
3) Frizzy, damaged hair ( its more smoother and shiny).





The owner sent me their Glow Pack mask for sampling. It does not contain any preservatives that's why they asked me to keep them in the fridge to avoid it from spoiling. Here are the recipes that they have suggested on the use of the masks:

Glow Pack Method To Use: 
1) For Pigmentation: mix with lemon juice, honey or rosewater.
2) For Dry Skin: mix with milk, honey, & rose water.
3) For Oily Skin: U can mix It with honey or rose water. 

Things to note:
The mixture should not be runny but if you make it runny don't panic but apply on dry face and if you make it too thick then apply on wet face.. Spread on face like a mask leave on face for 15 mints or till dry and skin gets little tighten and rub it off.. wet your hand and with very gentle pressure massage your skin in round circular movements for 2 minutes, and wash off with normal water..

I enjoy making DIY masks as we know it is all organic and healthy for the skin. So I'm all game for anything natural and organic.